They all said that it was the blondes that were out having all of the fun. They rode around the beach with their tops down flaunting themselves at all of the boys who wouldn’t stop yelling as they drove by. Those black-haired girls sat under the dark mumbling ancient curses underneath their soft tongues and swore at one another. Those ginger girls with their sensitive skin all sat huddled near the van in their large frilly hats and oversize sunglasses drinking the last of what was left of the lemonade. So where am I at? I am at home underneath the air conditioning forgetting those girls exist while holding my brunette in my arms.

Recently the Beko Digital Singles label released a pair of singles and out of that pair came a pounding new force in yet another new single from COOLRUNNINGS called Brunettes. It is actually the B-side to Midnight Rudy which while being a fine track itself doesn’t have the immediacy of its flip. Brunettes leads off with a speeding groove of bass before being bombarded with rumbling percussion and slashed with shredding guitar. The vocals ride these galloping beats until a vicious and noisy breakdown brings the ride to its end. You can pick up both singles and a rugged bonus Royal Bangs remix of Brunettes through Beko now so get over there and have a listen soon. I promise that you will be looking forward to their next release with much anticipation after hearing this threesome.

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