Cruising was all that Craig had ever known. He would throw the top back on that big old Cadillac boat and set sail on the evening streets. These drives were what his entire week would be leading up to. He would go in and do his eight hours at his shit hole job just to fill a fat cat’s pocket and collect his meager wage slowly investing it on new flashy parts. They would each be installed one at a time by his own toiling hands. On Saturday morning he would wake  up like a child headed for the television and rush out to begin washing and waxing. In the evening Craig would hit the streets and have his one small moment of glory as they all turned their heads to watch him come and go.

Ben Wagner hasn’t been resting and has recently released a compilation EP to tidy up some previous released singles that you can pick up all in one quick go via his Bandcamp or Mediafire if those free downloads have expired. The CC EP leads off with episodes which is a slow burning builder drenched in twinkling lights. What Goes Up takes its minimal elements and uses them to maximum effect to make a heart stirring sound-scape. Care allows for his voice to appear slowly among a strummed acoustic guitar and bird song. The albums closing track Snowed In has a jingle bell flair and creates its own feeling of being trapped alone in the snow looking out on a world that you cannot enjoy. He also plans to release some new material soon that will include his last release Asleep At The Wheel. Slip into your headphones and let this relaxing EP take you away until the new releases hit the net.

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