Just once I would love to let it all loose and throw a wrench into something’s gears. I want to start a raging fire that will burn one hundred city blocks to the ground. I want to smash a brick through a random unsuspecting drivers window and watch their car spin out of control into a crowd of senior citizens. I want to shove a bus filled with children over the side of a mountain and watch their world collapse. I want to nose dive full speed from an airplane and come to a crash into a raging hurricane. In the end though I will still maintain my daily routine to contribute as a positive member of society while I am left to wonder why this life is such a bore.

I recently received news on the latest offering from Felix Snow and his Snow & His Mystical Voodoo Band project and it is 1:46 seconds of pure raw rock n roll. A spiraling guitar spins the opening immediately out of control as that rough growling voice takes over. While being short and sweet the new track is packed with energy and one hell of a blistering guitar solo. If you happen to be in the mood for some good old rock n roll or just need to let off a little steam this just may be the song you need. Check it out and download it now through his Soundcloud here and let’s rock.

Snow & His Mystical Voodoo Band – Such A Bore

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