They were all lined up and waiting for their turn. The large man with the foot long hot dog and its trickling mustard would be next and he was being impatient complaining about his food getting cold. The couple behind him seemed to be having trouble keeping their mouths off of each other and everyone could hear the sounds of their face sucking. The woman behind them smacked her gum and made rude comments about their public display of affection while secretly waiting to slide into the booth and out of her panties once it was her turn. Finally the young boy that was having his turn would emerge and wait for his four panel photo to slide out of the slot. Both he and the crowd were taken by surprise as the strip started to emerge and didn’t show the boy at all. There were only many faces out of focus.

I got a tip-off about a recent release on Pictures Music from Lapalux that will be released on cassette and digitally on April 18th. The album is titled Many Faces Out Of Focus and is a six track experiment in electronic sound that pieces together lush futuristic R&B out of a bevy of sounds. The relaxed vocals weave in and out of these layered textures creating a rich palette of sub bass and laid back grooves. As we venture into what seems to be a return to silky smooth R&B territory I believe it is artists like this that are taking the lead and showing us all how these classic sounds can be updated and pushed forward.Take a listen for yourself here with the lead single from the release Time Spike Jamz and watch out for the full album release next month.

Lapalux – Time Spike Jamz

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