In just a few days I will be making my final preparations for my journey. I am already running through a list in my head of each thing I will need to pack away for this trip. My mind spins with ideas on how to fold, roll up, and shove each item into a carry-on bag. I’ve checked my reservation again making sure that everything is in order and that I will be able to grab that ticket from the clerks hand the moment that my vacation starts. In just a few days I will be saying “Hasta la vista” to Texas and “Hello Ohio”.

Miguel Cámara from Monstruobot who you should remember from this previous post on their latest EP Buenos Tiempos recently sent me a link to a new video for the lead single Todo lo que tienes showcasing their live performances. They are making plans and trying to put together an American tour for next summer and this video allows you to see them in action and what you may be able to expect once they can get that tour in order. Have a listen to the single here, pick up the EP from their Bandcamp and check out their video featuring performances in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris here through Vimeo and let’s hope they can get that tour rolling soon as their live shows look like something not to be missed.

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