He was a fiend to the highest degree and his days were filled with hours of work only to get his fix. He wandered the streets and markets searching them out. He would find them laying on a deserted dinner table in front of a sidewalk cafe. He would dig his once clean hands into dumpsters and trash cans to get them out and take them all home. Finally in the evening he would fluff the pillows that covered his favorite sofa, turn on the over the shoulder light on his desk and go through the piles of books, pamphlets, and the days newspapers and that would get him exactly what he needed. He is an addict to words and his name is curious serge.

Philadelphia’s Work Drugs has yet another free single floating across the net and ready to be slid into your ears. Their latest Curious Serge continues their perfect run of sun soaked sailing haze filled tracks. With a back and forth male and female vocal that blends perfectly over the relaxed percussion and guitars this single is set to see you this summer. Speaking of seeing you this summer, don’t forget that Work Drugs has put together a limited full length CD release titled Tropic of Capricorn/Cancer depending on which color you choose or for the price of $15 you can just pick up both and get all of the tracks and variations at this location. This album’s profits will be funding their upcoming tour and will be limited to about 50 each so get one now while you can and see them live soon at a venue near you. Here is a taste of Curious Serge which you can pick up now for free through their Bandcamp and Soundcloud or you can hear it here on Vimeo with whip smart eye candy to accompany the track.

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