One of them was talking quickly while rifling through the pages of the Wall Street Journal while the other lit another cigarette and scrolled his mouse through page after page of financial stats. Their language was an indecipherable code that dealt with only one topic. That topic was money and how they could secure more of it. Watching the numbers rise and fall they made their secret handshakes with the market constantly checking their bank accounts. They didn’t only want to plan for a future. They instead wanted to glimpse into that crystal ball and see it. They were the speculators.

Last November I did a post featuring San Diego’s The Speculators and their Grow Old EP and now they have returned with a new single that they tipped me off to called Covvvves. This single is just as immediate as the EP grabbing you with a stuttering guitar riff intro that soon explodes into a vastly expanding rocker. Just before the one minute mark guitars spiral and grind before the strong lead vocal breaks in. They said in their recent email that I wouldn’t be disappointed and they weren’t wrong as I am looking forward to hearing whatever they have in store whether it be a new EP or a debut full length in the future. Pick up the single now through the groups Bandcamp and I think you will agree.

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