I’m stumbling my way through another morning with excitement bristling underneath my pale white skin. My memory is starting to become shot but while I may lose a few of the fond thoughts I have had in my past I also forget all of the pain and heartache. A cartoon is playing that I have never seen and the voice tracks are all dubbed in Spanish. The colors project from the screen onto the wall as the sun starts to rise and I get ready for another day. I may have plenty of work to do on myself in the near future but for the moment all I can do is hope being high heals.

The first artist to release an album on the young and promising Absent Fever digital label KYNAN is back with his second full length release High Heals. His unique brand of spaced out pop has returned as well and the sounds should have you hooked right away. Album opener High Heels ft Ryan Soloman is swept in rock n roll affair that ends in beating percussion and sets the stage for a great second release. Hip Hop flavored break beats over gorgeous vocals, upbeat pounding affairs, and hazed out melodic rendezvous will be heading your way with each listen. You can snag the full release now through Absent Fever’s Bandcamp page and be on the lookout for more from this young yet prolific artist in the near future.

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