We watched from a handmade tree house in the canopy high off the ground. Our binoculars were wet and tough to see through after last nights rain and yet somehow I managed to catch only a quick glimpse. Something not quite human or primate was taking our bait. It slowly made its way through each of the fruit which had to fresh and harvested from a distance to remove our scent. One by one it would take each fruit and look it over inspecting it for any bruises or other inconsistency. Finally it had come into view and started to reach for the last fruit. My hands were shaking as I saw him reach to pick the fruit up. At the last second this missing link turned and fled avoiding our well planned pear trap.

There is a certain mixture of muffled drums and relaxed guitar that always hits my ears just right with certain tracks that just happen to sound somewhat like the latest free download from Chicago’s The Pear Traps titled Come Home. This reverb filled ride continues through five other laid back lo-fi wonders filled to the brim with that same vocal style and great guitar work. I also found the percussion on this as equally great with muffled yet precise rhythms that stand out on the single as well as Safer Than You. This was my first time hearing the EP and I am hooked already. Here is that Come Home single to tempt you to check out more and this single as well as five other great reverb drenched tracks are available through their Bandcamp for $4.

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