We were laying on a blanket under a sea of black staring up the sky and holding hands. You leaned over and gently kissed my neck and I could feel your breath move through me. A storm had just ended and the grass was still wet and the two of us could still smell the rain hovering. We started to get cold as the light wind blew in and wound up holding each other close. We had been waiting so long for this moment to come and finally after all of this time our dreams were becoming reality here underneath the stars. Our lips sealed in a kiss and that night I fell in love under a vast expanse of cosmic oceans.

I actually owe this post to Mike from Dead As Digital who recently let me know that We Get By was doing a limited cassette release of the Sun Glitters’ Everything Could Be Fine album. If you get a chance you should head over to their site soon and try to snag one of these up as soon as you read this before they are gone. After being led to their Bandcamp however I noticed this latest single featuring the voice of Steffaloo who also has a full length release of her own that you should check out on Bandcamp as well titled Meet Me In Montauk. The pair has teamed up to create a relaxing laid back affair full of blissful vocals over a stuttered steady beat. The track is able to make a huge sound with only a handful of elements and can be picked up through the group’s Bandcamp as a name your price single as we speak.

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