It was a cool afternoon that day that we all went into the woods. Those twisted trees surrounded us and kept the chill of the wind off of our backs while allowing us to be comfortable as we unpacked the lunch items we had planned to prepare. We started with an already made batch of brownies for a quick burst of energy and imagination before we had to round-up some nicely sized rocks and kindling for our cooking fire. As the fire burned outside the brownies began to burn inside and out of nowhere Charlie started a slow handclap. The sound echoed through the woods around us and we each started to add our own slapping hands into the beat that was left in our hearts well into the dark of that night.

While tweeting the links for today’s posts I noticed a new follower to my feed and luckily gave his stream a click. To my delight I noticed a link there heading to a Bandcamp for Bon Accord. Bon Accord turned out to be the work of Michael Wright and he had a recent release from March titled Dayliner that I gave a quick listen to. Each of the tracks has their own special touch but the one that really drew me in was Slow Handclap which I am featuring here. It has a steady bass and snare rhythm that propels the throbbing beat and well executed electronics. On top of that his voice reminded me instantly of the Pet Shop Boys at their peak. Soft and warming tones surround that voice as the track steadily drives its way along. Have a listen to the single here and head over to his Bandcamp to listen to his previous Honeydew EP and the other four tracks from his latest release. Also he has a new remix of Glass VaultsForget Me Not that is well worth a listen as well via Soundcloud that you should have a quick click on.

Other Bon Accord info found here