I knew she had it from the moment I heard her say my name as she was walking up to meet me at the baggage claim. Immediately I wrapped her up into my arms and let her rest her head on my chest. I was enchanted by the scent lingering in her hair and on the nape of her tender soft neck. I couldn’t handle her not being next to me and feeling her body pressed against mine and I had to hold her again before we entered the elevator leading to the parking garage. Just being near her invigorated my spirit and sent my heart racing. I wasn’t sure exactly what mysterious combination of feminine enchantments were drawing me to her, but I know she had that somethin’.

While I have been away on my week-long vacation I had a chance to catch Starfucker’s tour as they visited Skully’s Music Diner in Columbus Ohio. I obviously will be doing a full write-up on that show soon but while I knew I would be enjoying their performance I was also treated to opening act and local native Professional Wrestling. With just two keyboards and a microphone blasting through the club’s sound system this little engine that could was able to put on one hell of a live performance. His onstage presence is fun and frivolous as he works the keys and lays down his robotic vocal over classic sounding drum loops and the sounds that emerge are all business. If you happen to have the chance to see him live do so right away and until you can here is a sample of one of the tracks he has up on his Bandcamp that has been stuck in my head ever since seeing his performance.

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