I heard her gentle weeping as a child. It would seep through the cracks in my ceiling and force me to shiver in fright. My parents would assure me that those sounds were only my imagination playing tricks on me. Night after night I would cover my head and close my eyes until eventually when I moved out on my own I found myself unable to sleep without those tender cries. I returned home for a holiday dinner from my first semester at school a bit scared but also excited to sleep peacefully longing to hear her cries from that attic loft.

Virtually everyday since the release of Ungirthed I have made sure to take a peek at the Purity Ring Tumblr in hopes that a new single would appear. Finally that day came and as to be expected their latest track Lofticries contains the same glitchy goodness and tender sweet vocals that have made them this years blog darlings. The latest effort slowly drips like smooth LSD making its way through your body peaking as that vocal immediately draws your senses in only to comfort you through your trip and the approaching comedown. You can stream the single here from the groups Soundcloud and get your hands on a physical copy as the B-side to their Ungirthed 7″ on Transparent Records.

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