At the same time every evening each of them would start to toss and turn in their beds. They would roll back and forth until their bodies managed to escape the entanglement of their comforter and their legs would swing free from their sleeping prison over onto the cold wooden floor. They would all amble like rotting zombies toward the slightly lit up kitchen in the back of the house and their waltz would begin. In the morning they would wake to find that someone had once again entered the house and cooked the meal they had planned for their dinner. Each day would end this way and after they all faded our sleepy little town would come to forget the midnight snackers.

A raw burst of energy comes from San Francisco natives The Midnight Snackers and their five song self titled EP from last year. A mixture of old school head on Garage Rock and a collection of keyboards, drum machines, and effects pedals combine to blend a fresh EP that incorporates a multitude of Blues, Psychedelic, and Surf Rock sounds. You can get the full range of what they are doing from the second that the EP begins to play. Sonic sprawling wails and spaced out textures dance willingly against surf rock steady drum beats and guitars in a fun loud raw powerful debut. I’m featuring the second single on the EP Hey Arlene! to tempt you all to head over to their Bandcamp and have a listen to the full release.

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