You probably didn’t even notice me looking over to the wall behind us. I was watching you sleep and as you would turn I watched our shadows play. Our twisting and turning bodies turned into black fluid art on your bedroom wall. Interlocked hands and legs moved and separated creating a film that only starred the two of us. Songs began to creep into my mind to soundtrack that delicate dance. I watched those forms shift until we both became to tired and I was forced to sleep before the finale of the shadows.

If you have followed my blog for a while you know I have been following the releases of Bloomington’s Triptides for some time now. They have a fresh seven track EP called Tropical Dreams that is out through Beachtapes on limited blue cassettes and digital downloads from Bandcamp. They have kept their Psych/Surf influenced sounds intact for the latest release with a nice range of tempo and moods to dive headfirst into. Speaking of diving in here is the third track from the EP Shadows which is a soft Psychedelic affair with its classic sounding vocals and drum driven pulse to give you a sample of what you will get from the release. Check this out then head over to Beachtapes or the Bandcamp to pick up the full album but get to those cassettes fast as their will only be a limited release of one hundred.

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