Hell, I’m the borderline. I’m that turning point in your life where everything you once knew crumbles away revealing an evolved superior being. You will rise from my ashes like a newborn messiah ready to rule this world. Your words will hold them captive unable to avoid your powerful message. You will be a giant rising beast ready to trample every person that stands in your way. You will rain fire from the heavens and make the seas boil. All it takes is that one small decision and your life will change forever. You are standing at the edge and hell, I’m the borderline.

Lo-fi pop whizz Sutja Gutiérrez is back with a brand new album titled White Ponycorn In My Room and it is a solid piece of varied tempo lo-fi pop greatness. Warped guitars, his stoney hazed out vocals and steady beating percussion all join the party and the tracks each sound unique but tied together well. The album is up now on Bandcamp for only $5 with all proceeds going toward bring Sutja on a tour of North America so if you like what you hear toss him the five bucks and let’s get him over here for some shows. Here is a sample of one of the seven tracks on the album Borderline (Hell, I’m The) to lure you to his Bandcamp.

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