The rain was thick that night and the large drops were covering the windshield. We had got into a small fight before leaving your parents house and perhaps I was driving just a little bit too fast. After the handful of glasses of wine we both had with our dinner I thought it was about time for us to return to the hotel and call it a night. You agreed and now we were out on the road in the pouring rain three sheets to the wind and howling. We apologized and you reached over to hug my neck and I never noticed the other set of headlights coming our way. Until I finally faded on the side of the highway after being tossed from the car I heard the last words you whispered into my ear. “Honey, can you see straight?”.

I got an email from Jessica of galatique Recordings that tipped me off to this recent remix of The Death Set’s Can You See Straight and thought I should share. This remix keeps the rock n roll energy of the original while amping it up for the dance floor. The track ends up coming off more like something from DFA 1979 with its ripping guitars and heavy drums giving its dance groove a serious injection of rock. Over the strumming bass line the vocals fade in softly carrying well over the uptempo dance rock sounds. You can pick the single up now for free through Soundcloud and be sure to check out the other singles Taperecorder has made available there as well.

The Death Set – Can You See Straight (Taperecorder Remix)

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