I am missing each and every little thing about you. The way you laugh and smile while you put up with my terrible jokes is something I need when I am here all alone. Seeing you slowly wake up to move closer to me before you are finally able to talk yourself back into sleeping. The slang you use when you are in our private conversations and those inside jokes that we share. I miss seeing you open the bathroom door with your hair all wet and your body smelling clean and feeling extra soft. I need all of these things and it hasn’t been easy for me to wait. I just wish you would get here soon and take me home.

I did a go and find it myself job for Germany Germany’s previous release Take Your Time/Reflections back in February and the other day I received an email mentioning a new single and video from an upcoming album release. The new album will be called Adventures and contains seventeen tracks including the one featured here today Take Me Home. The album will be up for pre-release via Distorted Disco on May 1st and will be on cassette and available through Bandcamp around the 15th for $5 so be looking out for that. This first single starts you thinking you are going to hear a new Postal Service track then it quickly takes a sharp upbeat turn into a fun just in time for the summer thumping workout. Have a listen here and if you happen to be in the Vancouver BC area you can catch himself plus a live band including Bear Mountain, LAZERVISION and the drummer from Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party at the Cobalt in Tomorrow.

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