I want to dive in headfirst with you and not look back. I want to take your hand and run away from these lives that we have been leading into the sunset. I want to wait with you while those old memories fade and are replaced by the new ones that we create each moment that we are together. I want to stand fearless with you at my side. I want to sleep next to you revealing to you my secrets as we doze off together. I want to wake next to your gentle body ready to jump out of bed and go on our next adventure as we discover this world and each other. I want to get up and go overboard with you.

I’ve been a little quiet lately but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been listening or paying attention. Take this new track from Blackbird Blackbird for example. This is a freshly leaked single as well as the cover art coming from their album Erasers to be released late this summer. This fantastically hand crafted single is a relaxing mixture of electronic drums and acoustic guitar echoes that should leave you waiting for more. The album will consist of around ten to twelve new tracks though it is hard to say what the completed version will sound like with the variety of Blackbird Blackbird’s latest tracks. If there is one thing you will never get from Blackbird Blackbird it is a lack of new ideas as there always seems to be a new single, EP, remix or album in the works. Give this a listen here and be on the hunt for the latest album later this summer.

Blackbird Blackbird – Overboard

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