In the dead of the night I hear your voice quietly mumbling. You are comfortable in your dream and I can tell because your voice is soft as if we are having a conversation. You aren’t being chased by some unknown force or falling from a great height. You are just pleasantly having a calm chat with the spirits of the night. You never use names or any sort of description so I never know who your co-stars may be. Perhaps you are just there alone in your world spinning in a bright sun thinking about what the next day has in store for you. Either way I am enchanted by your sleeptalk.

Papertwin who you may remember from the single release of Coma/Cross are back and have fleshed out a full five track EP. The Porcelain EP includes those previous two singles as well as three new works that all have that freshly updated New Wave sound that they established in their previous releases. Today I am featuring Sleeptalk which opens the new EP. Simple guitars and steady percussion open the track and allowing it to take you by great surprise once that bass kicks in. A world of sound opens up out of those first few simple elements and a strong vocal floats perfectly over them. Currently you can get the full EP for free through their Bandcamp for the next few days after which Sleeptalk will continue to be free and the other tracks will be up for only $.99 each. Also if you happen to be in the Brooklyn area be sure to catch them out live at Cameo Gallery this Thursday.

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