We live on the outskirts of their kingdom toiling away in their fields. If we are lucky we will have food to eat this year and clean water to drink. Our backs are being broken by the day for only a small handful of coins that allow only the most meager survival. Luxury is reserved for those men high up in the towers that are hidden from our view behind large stone walls. Their fingers run over gold and velvet as they spend their days thinking about how they may spread their power even further. As their influence grows so do our numbers though we will die twice as fast as they will while under the shadows of the empires.

Got an email about a new EP release from Montreal native TOBOGGAN called Shadows Of The Empire that you should really have a listen to. The release is also the second from the young and upcoming collective/label The Villa and is a fun-filled electronic hip-hop vibed ride through six tracks. Today I will be featuring Patchwork which is filled to the brim with cut and paste get down grooves. He also writes that there will be a full length LP release that should be coming our way sometime in late summer. Give this track a listen here and head over to the TOBOGGAN Bandcamp for a listen to the full EP.

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