Even though I am not there right now to tend to your needs and take care of you I am always still there with you. I stand behind you when you are weak and lift your brittle boned frame from the dirt to carry you home. I’m there in your dreams being playful and sweet in an attempt to make you feel as beautiful as you are. I’m underneath your work desk helping those slow hours of phone calls and paperwork speed by. I may not be there with you to hold your warm soft body in the night but my thoughts will be always. Even though you cannot see me I will always be here to be your invisible friend.

Exciting news from Ben Wagner aka Craig Cruiser arrived in my mail a while back and I’ve been meaning to mention this news about his latest release. It should be seeing release both physically on Wonder Beard Tapes as well as having a digital release through AMDISCS. He has shared the first single from the upcoming album via Bandcamp titled Invisible Friend and it gives a good sign of what might be to come once the full length has seen its release. Sliding synth tones play over an almost classic R&B type of rhythm making a strong base for his lyrics to cruise over. Have a listen to the single here and check out the fan made video for the track here while you wait for the full length release to drop.

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