If I sit and take a good look at my life at the moment I will realize that things are better than they have ever been. I am more confident and less afraid to set things into motion. I wake up each day with anticipation knowing that you are there waiting for me and the soft tone of your voice sends me off to work with a smile. While there I hardly notice the bumps and bruises and all of the other pain in the ass that comes along with another day on the job. My head is busy thinking about the next time I will see you and hopefully send you off the same way. Things are what they are because I get a chance to be a part of your life.

I posted previously about Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters single featuring Steffaloo a little while back and today I was treated with info about their latest release. The newest single is called Things Are… and already I am looking forward to seeing how others attempt to classify it. It walks a thin line between being a blissful chilled out track and a syrupy drag slump that makes it tough to classify. By no means does this at all speak to its quality this is a haunting synth and beat filled work that squirm its way into your head the moment it hits your ears. Give a listen to the single here and I’ll update you as soon as possible on their future release plans.

Sun Glitters – Things Are…

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