The crowd was roaring and pumping their money filled fists as the challenger’s team made their way into the humid pit. Before this they were busy sharpening claws and making their blades glisten. The announcer entered the ring and introduced the challenger to a wave of hissing gamblers. The challenger stood pecking the ground when the two men entered the other side of the ring carrying a large flat piece of wood. As they all stood watching on with anticipation the wide-brimmed hat in the center of that board was lifted revealing the champion rooster. Before the night was over there would be another notch in the belt of the Golden Sombrero.

One of my favorite albums so far this year came from Philly’s Work Drugs and the latest single from the album is out and up now on their Soundcloud. This single is a smooth floating ride over a great and addictive bass line that will have you grooving from the word go. Along with album release and their recently completed tour they have also started up a remix contest for their single Rad Racer and  you can pick up the stems here until May 28th with the contest closing on June 4th. If you are a producer looking to get your sounds heard this could be a great start so head over there and get to work soon if you want to get in before the deadline. Have a listen to the new single here and be sure not to miss out on the full length album if you can get your hands on one before they sell out. Also don’t miss your chance to get your copy of their limited dvd release including the video for Golden Sombrero which you can view here.

Work Drugs – Golden Sombrero

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