While the two of us must have met at the perfect time I still can’t help but think about what would have happened if we had met back then. The two of us would have been flirting over shared books and around open lockers between classes. We could have shared an awkward but enthralling group of firsts together. Our prom pictures would probably still be proudly on display in our parents homes. Even though the two of us may have met at the perfect time, I still wish you could have been my high school lover.

Recently my always awesome all the time girlfriend sent me a surprise gift and to my surprise upon opening the package I was greeted with my own little physical copy of this amazing single. I first heard this track through Smoke Don’t Smoke and have since attempted to collect everything I could get my hands on. You too can also get your hands on one of these very limited edition cassette singles featuring the b-side Deep Sea Diver and original Cactus-Mouth artwork from the good folks over at Chill Mega Chill. Have a listen to this addictive hip wiggling percussive monster and then head over to the Bandcamp for a handful more. Also there is a great Wonder Years cut and splice video for the track that you can view here on Vimeo.

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