I am going to start making a collection of my various things. I’ll wrap the fragile pieces with newspapers and begin to file articles into boxes I will seal or trash that I will toss. I’ll decorate my yard with tables and light cheap refreshments and begin to sell off that collection of wants in order to begin my collection of needs. I’ll call up the airline and make that final reservation with a building sense of excitement. I’ll board that jet and store my one bag after taking the time to remove one book to read. In the morning I will land having left that old life behind and be elated to begin my life’s next set of adventures with you.

It’s hard for me to say that I look forward to something new from Germany Germany even though I have been ever since discovering him. In fact it’s impossible and not because there isn’t a brilliance to his electronic compositions. In fact I think at his early age he is easily making some of the finest electronic records out there. The reason being is that because saying you are looking forward to his new work means you must think you have some sense of what his records will sound like and this talented young man is much too full of ideas for that. Through the seventeen tracks of his recently released album Adventures you are taken on a grand journey through a multitude of various musical ideas that immediately lets you know you have no idea where he may take you. You will be led through thumping dance grooves/hip-hop beat infused pop/strummed guitars/blissful female vocals and everything else that he can throw your way. Have a listen to a pair of the singles here to get an idea of what I mean here then head over to his Bandcamp page for a digital purchase or Distorted Disco to get your hands on a cassette copy now.

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