You make me feel important and handsome. My features have changed and I can’t help but notice them each time that I stare into the mirror. I feel like things are shifting underneath my skin or that some other better man is trapped inside and is beginning to claw his way out. The things you say to me make my back straighten up and my chest flare out as I walk with a bold confident stride. Without the strength you give me each day I would still be here hiding from life inside of my apartment afraid to let the world see what I offer. You have made me a new man and each day I feel amazing just knowing that I am your dreamboat.

If you have been watching other blogs I am sure you have had a chance to hear this summer pop gem and if you haven’t then you definitely should. Orlando’s SASKATCHEWAN has filled this four-minute single to the brim with catchy “make you sing-a-long” vocals and classic guitar sounds that will have you immediately addicted. You can currently listen to and pick up the single free through their Soundcloud and through their Bandcamp. If this is any indication of a full length LP or EP release’s sound you should keep your eyes on them from now until it releases. Have a sample of the single here then head over to either of the aforementioned locations to snag it for yourself.

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