It has been years since the lights dim bulbs finally burned away. I have managed to survive by roaming the country and looting whatever long lasting foods and medical supplies I can collect and carry. The walks in between each overgrown long forgotten collection of empty dwellings are all perilous tasks. Animals thrive in this human abandoned world and would love to feast on my corpse. It has been ages since I have even heard one word spoken by another person. I am alone here forced to live a life infinite.

One of my favorite electronic producers of the year Hourglass Sea just sent me news about his latest single Life Infinite. It opens with an almost Van Halen in their keyboard years guitar and synth intro. After a minute the beat drops and his signature heavy drums and melodic lines explode into a head nodding breakbeat symphony. As with his previous efforts this track continues its hard driving pace until its final moments when it fades out in synth and deep bass fuzz. He also says another new single is going to be released next week titled Black Triangle so stay posted for news on that. Here is a sample of Life Infinite free to download via Soundcloud.

Hourglass Sea – Life Infinite

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