I am trapped. I’ve been left here underneath the soil for days. My only companion is the darkness that constantly surrounds me. We have been separated and spread every few feet. They wish for us to give up hope here beneath their land. Little do they know that while they sleep we are down there fighting. We claw our way up to the surface one by one with our arms extending to the sun. One day we will have our army flourishing throughout your land. Without us you will starve and suffocate and we will have the control. It will be on that day that the plants begin to run the plantation.

I’ve previously featured the work of Florida native Malcolm Lacey’s project Arrange before and recently got news about his debut full length album Plantation. He has a serious knack for making minimal elements expand outward into grand sounds. The album has a wide range of emotion and manages to create a feeling of tension underneath those relaxed piano, guitar, and drum beats. Not only is the music amazing the song writing may be his best yet and I think you will agree after hearing this sample of the album titled When’d You Find Me. You can pick up this latest release free digitally from his Bandcamp and on a limited edition vinyl version that includes artwork from Jesse Treece so head over there now and have a listen.

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