She will be going to bed early again leaving me alone downstairs to watch T.V. in the dark. She doesn’t really mean to do this it just happens. Sometimes she doesn’t even make her way off of the couch and I’m forced to sit there all evening with her head in my lap. I worry about her mixing the pills with the wine but she assures me that she can only survive each day with the combination of both. Our conversations normally end abruptly when she looks away frozen and forgets what the subject even was. Her eyes always droop slightly closed but when she looks into mine I just can’t help loving girls on medication.

Brooklyn native CAGED ANIMALS is back with a hazy daydream of a pop gem that deserves your full attention. Girls On Medication buzzes and hums over a steady beat while captivating you with whip smart lyrics and a thick and rich euphoric psychedelic pop sugar-coating. Just give it once listen and I guarantee it will worm its way into your brain leaving you thinking about it all week. You can download the digital single now via the CAGED ANIMALS Bandcamp and also pick it up as a limited white vinyl 7″ release from Lucky Number Music that includes the B-Side Transparent Castle. Here is a sample of the single to get you headed over that way.

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