I have been floating along for days in the cold dark water. The last of my rations will soon be gone and I fear that I won’t have any rescue. No one knew that we had packed our things and planned this trip. We each just tossed in our part of the money and launched the boat that day. Now I fear my summer will be spent remembering the crash against the jutting rocks and these last few moments that I have spent going insane. I haven’t slept other than slight moments of dozing while I cling to this piece of wreckage and my pack. I am cold and alone in the middle of this cold deep sea.

Columbus Ohio native Monster Rally is back with a new summer tinged four track EP titled Deep Sea. The sounds are blissful hip shaking surf songs just in time for that trip to the beach. Each of the four tracks have their own slight flavor from the heavy beat filled romp of Siberian Girls to the slow floating loop filled Chaska Beach. You can pick up the album through his Bandcamp however I really suggest taking the chance on the opaque pink vinyl limited edition that is available through Gold Robot Records and features hand screened artwork from the artist. Here is a small sample of the EP to get you in the sun vibe mood.

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