I hear that voice ringing in my ears again. It whispers directions that I have no choice but to follow. It leads my tired body forcing me to do things that one day I will regret. It promises me that I will be rewarded for my services once my job is finished. I am still not sure what the point of these things are. It seems that I have been chosen to punish those that would otherwise go unpunished. The voice tells me who they are and what needs to be done and my mind cannot resist its temptations. My greatest fear is that one day I will wake  up tormented by the things that I have done and that this voice never existed at all. I would have been living a nightmare while killing them all during my life spent in true delusion.

Michael Wright also known as Bon Accord recently sent me an email letting me know that his latest release was up for both streaming and download. You may remember his sounds from a previous post I did for his single Slow Handclap and if that had you interested you will love his latest four track EP True Delusion. The four songs are filled with swirling synth melodies and an irresistible dance floor thump. Each of the tracks is relaxed enough for headphone listening and spending your afternoon daydreaming while also having the energy to fuel a night-time dance party. Have a sample of the album opener Glazed here than head over to his Bandcamp or Soundcloud to check out the other three tracks from the EP.

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