The two giants towered above us on each side of the vast crevice. The wind was blowing that night and was filling us all with a chill of despair. Our only light came from the low hanging moon that lay at the end of that long winding trail. Our horses were unable to make the trip and we were forced to butcher them to sustain us for the rest of our journey. Forty days gone through beating sun and freezing nights. Our fires were keeping the wolves at bay but we knew that we would be lucky to escape their foaming mouths for much longer. Each moment that passed was one step closer to our insanity as we wandered through the void of the valley.

Vision Fortune sent me a strange and entertaining short email letting me know that they had some sounds for me to hear up on their Soundcloud. With such a great invitation I couldn’t help but head over for a listen and what I found was Void Of The Valley. Channeling the spirit of King Crimson this track explodes with odd uptempo almost jazz like rhythms and genre bending textures. Sax wails and howls over a steady hypnotizing bass line which frames the dual vocal that is almost a chant. They seem like a very capable group of musicians and I have to wonder what else they have planned for our ears. Have a listen here for yourself then get over to their Soundcloud for a listen to another single titled Black Coral.

Vision Fortune – Void Of The Valley

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