We weren’t there on the evening that the bodies were found. Sometime during the night the sky had turned black and from the darkness came the rain. They never saw the jagged rocks coming as their small boat was tossed among the ravaging waves. Fighting the winds and razor blade rain drops they tried to make their way to shore only to be smashed into that savage coast leaving them all wounded or dead. By the morning they had all washed up onto the shore and a group of shell collectors found them and made the call. We weren’t there on that evening and we would never return to Morgan’s Bay.

Like my last post this track is another that is sun-baked and waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting dance floors and beach parties all summer long. Coming from the solo project of Josh Legg from Nightwaves is Goldroom and this slow burning guitar hook laden tropical disco deep cut titled Morgan’s Bay. Its steady pulsing thump beats away as that spine tingling guitar riff immediately grabs you by the hips and sends you twirling. By the time the vocal kicks in near the one minute mark you are already absolutely addicted. You can hear this single here and then head over to his Soundcloud for another two new tracks City Girls and Nights In Nantes and there will also be some Goldroom official remixes for heavy hitters Penguin Prison and Poolside on the way as well.

Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay

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