You can always see the entirety of a West Texas sunset. It’s reds and oranges display themselves in heavenly glory across the flat dry desert landscape. Their painted tapestry expands and curls through minimal clouds and that bright sun sinks slowly behind the mesquite and brush. Just when you think the sky has given you all of the beauty it could contain the dark creeps in and cool’s the summer heat. Its theater fills with stars that shine brightly guiding the lost through the pastures and along the stretching highways. In the morning the sun will awake and our eyes will be blinded as we stare into the western sky.

Sneak Peak is a self-described female fronted lo-fi/garage/grunge/psych band from Echo Park, California who are in the middle of recording a new seven song EP set for release over the summer. For the moment you can hear their take on 90’s almost Breeders reminiscent sounds of lo-fi haze through a collection of demos and live recordings on their Bandcamp and I will be featuring one of those singles here today. Western Sky is a haze filled nostalgic ride through a sea of flannel with its steady tapping drum beat and slowly strummed guitar setting the stage for an echoing female vocal. Have a listen to the demo version here and be on the look out for their EP soon.

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