I want to scale those jagged rocks near the shore one hot summer’s day. When I get to the top I will take one glance before closing my eyes and diving off headfirst. I’ll tighten my body into a slender arrow and rocket my way beneath the waves. I’ll hold my breath and slowly open my eyes as I sink further and further the same way I fell into you. As I continue sinking into that cold sea I feel the water tighten around my body and think of your arms reaching out to hold me while we slept. I look forward to pushing my way back up to the surface and slowly going under with you.

Just got some info on a new single/album promo for the upcoming LP release from Triptides called Psychic Summer later this year. They have released a double A-side single through Beachtapes who is also going to handle the LP release that you can download right now through the group’s Bandcamp and you definitely should have a listen. Going Under is a catchy and jangling upbeat summer strummer just in time for the heat and Satin Skies is ripe for an evening float under the stars with its light psychedelic haze. Have a listen to Going Under here then head over to the Bandcamp for a listen and keep one eye open for the full length release soon.

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