The sky was finally starting to turn a bright blue again after a cold grey winter slowly slumped away. The birds were starting to return and the bees began their brutal buzzing through all of the local gardens. Trees with their aged twisted trunks reached out to the sky and allowed their leaves to slowly unfold. Flowers began to bloom as the sun warmed the earth once again. Love was in the air and so I went searching for you. It was mid spring and we walked together as the world turned new around us.

Selva Oscura recently posted this new track to his Soundcloud titled Mid Spring and it is a joyous ride that will help to send you straight into summer. Its intro is a lush and gorgeous affair of 80’s New Wave synth that leads into its throbbing four on the floor tempo. Just when you think you have the track figured out it switches gears into a twinkling hip-hop break then back to the dance floor. You can hear this as well as eleven other great tracks through his Soundcloud and here is a sample of Mid Spring to get you headed over there.

Selva Oscura – Mid Spring

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