I chased that goal for the entirety of my youth while always in a battle with myself over whether or not it was all going to be worth it. Each day I woke early and ran downstairs for breakfast, supplements, and various protein shakes. I would then do an hour-long stretching routine and some minor calisthenics with small free weights. I then suited up and did one hundred and fifty laps in the pool that I had to have added to my home. Finally I would get into my car and drive forty miles to the track where I would spend my entire day doing practice laps and jogging stairs. After years of days like this I finally had my shot to taste the gold and found myself wondering what else I could possibly achieve after reaching that goal. In the end I came to find out after reaching that goal that pleasure is the death of desire and I would never run again.

The great and always on point pair from Paris Total Warr is back with a fresh four track EP through Hi-Scores Recording Library called Please Never Come Back Again. It features the previously posted single Please Never as well as three all new recordings. The EP has two upbeat numbers and two slightly slower tempo tracks of pure electronic bliss. This will fit in perfectly with any poolside summer dance mixes you may be putting together. It is available now through all major outlets as well as through the Hi-Scores Recording Library Bandcamp and they have made today’s featured single free for download through Noisey. Have a listen to the single here and stream and pick up the full four track EP you won’t regret your purchase.

Track Listing:

01. “Sexual”

02. “Please Never”

03. “Pleasure Is The Death Of Desire”

04. “Twenty Empty Bottles”

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