We are floating aimlessly amid the stars. Our small star ship has been abandoned and we have been out of fuel for the past three days. Every morning I wake and make my way to the communications bay where I attempt to radio our home base. Each day all I hear is the silence surrounding me and wretched dead static. Our food is starting to show signs of serious depletion and we will have nothing left by the end of the week. We gather together at night to tell each other stories from our past to keep our present at bay. It seems the five of us will end up lost out here in the dark. We will be just another part of the galactic melt.

Com Truise is back with the follow-up to his stellar Cyanide Sisters EP in the form of his debut full length LP Galactic Melt. The sounds are familiar to the EP with hints of New Wave, Electro, and Hip-Hop while being none of these individually. His knowledge of the synth is immediate throughout the album and he tastefully tests its range. You can purchase the digital download of the album now on his Bandcamp which includes the track I am featuring today Futureworld as well as a digital only bonus track called Karovoa which drops the price per song to under a dollar each. Also if you are into a more intimate affair the album can be purchased on vinyl and CD here. Have a small taste of the album here then get your hands on a copy of what will be one of the best electronic albums of the year.

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