My head is held high every time I walk alongside of you through this nameless and faceless crowd. Their slow shuffling becomes their only contribution to prove their existence. My mind won’t allow me to focus on the sights and sounds around us. Each day just melts away around you. Nothing else outside of you can enter my mind. My body aches to touch yours and to feel your soft skin against mine and I have to reach out for you. I have to take you into my arms and hold you tight so that I never have to spend one second away from this love that drives me forward. Everything begins to crumble and the world falls apart and even though our end is near all that I can think is that I am lucky that in these last moments I’m with you and everything is perfect.

I had a chance to have a listen to the debut album When We Were Young from a new female duo from Chicago called Architecture this evening and was interested in sharing what I had heard. The pair makes a self-described mixture of dreamy and nostalgic pop that is tender and tough at the same time. Classic guitar and percussion sounds blend with modern electronic elements and the duos paired voices throughout their debut to create six solid slices of sickly sweet pop. The debut provides a wide range of sound while keeping a steady cohesive flow from start to finish whether the tempo is slightly upbeat or breathtakingly slowed down to tug on your heart-strings. They have also recently added a third member to play bass and you can expect them to be playing live soon on a small summer tour. You can currently purchase the album through their Bandcamp digitally and on a limited edition vinyl 12″ and I think after hearing this featured single I’m With You you will want to rush over there to hear and have more.

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