There was no wind that night. The large doors that led outside to overlook the gardens were swung open wide and we could smell the flowers down below. The only light came from a small assortment of three-pronged candelabra with their slow steady flames and a small swathe of moonlight that reached out across the ballroom floor. She was there in her dress spinning slowly to the music coming from the mounted ceiling speakers. As she twirled and stared toward me with each spin she allowed her body to escape the clutches of her clothing. She was an absolute vision there in a deathly lit ballroom in her birthday suit.

Today I get the pleasure of presenting you with the latest single from Georgia’s Soft Powers. The single is titled A Deathly Lit Ballroom (In Her Birthday-suit) and is currently available for free download via the group’s Bandcamp. This slowly slinking slice of phantom disco creeps its way up your spine and invades your brain. The bass line moves smoothly underneath that haunting vocal and will have you immediately craving more. Speaking of more Soft Powers don’t miss out on the other available releases they have posted up. Each is diverse while maintaining their relaxed sullen grooves. Have a listen to the new single here then head over to the Bandcamp for more.

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