It had taken her weeks of work to shape the large glimmering ball. Her fingers had started to ache around the edges of her fingernails from repeating the tough meticulous task of holding them with tweezers and dipping them into the glue before adding them to the base. Now after hundreds of repetitions her tough task was almost complete. She added the last dot of glue and carefully placed the final piece. She took the ball by the string that she had attached and hung it from her ceiling fan before starting her favorite song. The music played and the ball spun and shimmered as she danced under sequin and light.

California’s Mathemagic has recently released their latest full length album called II and the result is a stunning relaxed sail through slowly turning waters. The album is made up of eleven songs of bass and drums rolling underneath electronic touches and hazy vocals. Male and female voices blend seamlessly as if they are sharing the same conversation over beach guitar strums and every track slowly twists its way into your mind. You may have previously heard a few of them as singles that were previously released and those singles you will find have been retouched and polished and the new songs fit right in with that established sound. Here is a small sample of the album with a track called Sequin and you can pick up the entire eleven song collection through their Bandcamp now for free.

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