I simply could not have allowed myself not to know. The wondering was burning inside of my soul and there would be only one way to relieve its flames. I started my journey without doubt knowing that there was only one priestess with the answer that I had to have. I reached my destination and was then forced to await my turn while speaking with the priests and collecting the necessary laurel leaves. My mind was at complete peace when I was finally led into the vast temple. I opened my mouth and asked my question. Her voice slowly rolled my answer into the breeze carrying with it a knowledge I would never see the likes of again. That would be first and the last time that my soul was soothed by Pythia.

Thomas Michael (previously of Jaded Hipster Choir) allowed me to have an advance listen to his upcoming album Pythia under his latest moniker Ghibli and it is quite a piece of work. His brand of creative electronic manipulation has managed to fill a thirteen track album with everything that you have ever heard before being turned into something that you have never heard. Elements of Soul, House, Ambient, Techno, and Hip-Hop (to name just a few) are all tossed into his musical blender only to resurface as a mind altering sound panacea. The album will be made available soon digitally and on Wonder Beard Tapes so be on the watch for those releases and have a listen to a sample of Hollywood Snow here.

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