In haze I wander alone reaching my hands out and screaming your name. The smoke billows around me as I listen for any noise that might be you moving in the distance. I am being overwhelmed and consumed by the large grey plumes that are coming for me. They have me entangled trying to hold me back from any hope of finding you. I keep moving and keep saying your name hoping that your hand will reach through one of these clouds and I will know that I am not alone. I just want to reach out through this fog and feel your hands clasp mine. I just want to pull you from this undulating mass of smoke out into the open air.

It has been a little while since we have heard from Ben Wagner’s Hooray! moniker and with good reason as he has been working under his Craig Cruiser name. Somehow in between the recording for that moniker he is managing to work on a new five track Hooray! EP he is calling Allergy Season. The lead single In Haze is a slow somber ambient voyage of echoing piano and haunting vocal samples. Its slow bouncing synth cords and background static help to compliment its somber ride of an intro then out of this depth rises a gorgeous melody, toned down percussion and warped vocals. You can stream and download the single now through his Bandcamp and keep your eyes peeled for both the release of this full EP as well as his Craig Cruiser EP that should be out in the near future.

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