I sing a song as the heat starts to swell and let’s me know that my morning is coming to a close. That sun will keep on raising its head up into those clouds and this afternoon will make work or sleep both impossible. The grass was allowed to green for only a moment before that sweltering heat beat the color from thin dried up blades. Water has to be carefully measured and it seems that even the smallest spark could cause a raging flame to devour this town. Those oil men wait out front for a gang truck to haul them off for the promise of fast good money and none of them realize how fast they are dying. Me? I will be here in my living room under the air conditioner with her and I will be singing for Summer.

The latest release from the talented folks behind Absent Fever comes in the form of a five track EP from Gracie called For Summer. You may have already heard his take on future-R&B sound manipulation in the form of the single Little Things which was by all means a smart and timely song that only gave you a glimpse of what was to come. Now you get to hear more of what this young artist is capable of with four other varied compositions. Not to be pigeonholed early with that single Andrew Balasia’s EP is a breath of fresh musical air. He manages to surround his whip-smart lyrics with a collage of sound and quick start/stop pauses to add various flavors to his soulful smooth lyrics. You can currently pick up the EP through the Absent Fever Bandcamp and also stream a video for the lead track Untitled here. Here is the albums closer Bones which I think will immediately having you running over for more.

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