Try all you wish and you will still fail in the end if you don’t accept it. Sacrifice life for a job that slowly eats away at you. Take your papers and file them away in any order you like. Buy all of those important things that there is no way you will ever be able to live without. Build a home that is like a castle surrounding you from all of those horrible things that lay in wait outside. Remember that you are nothing without a strong ego that doesn’t allow for anyone to break down your walls you are weak. Do whatever you like and come to find out that one situation or disaster can set you right back at your start. Whatever you do don’t accept that you might enjoy your life more if you wiped your schedule and had no plans.

I’ve been meaning to mention the debut album No Plans from Ryan Hemsworth for quite some time. After hearing a few of his productions both solo and for various other artists I found myself intrigued with this artist. He isn’t your standard Hip-Hop producer or your standard dance music producer. Instead he is able to mix multiple styles on his debut album to give you a head nodding concoction that will leave you intoxicated. Syrupy sweet beats sail slow underneath yacht ready soul, brooding synths sigh about a robotic future, and he makes machines feel emotion. I am sharing one of my favorites here and be sure to head over to his Bandcamp and Soundcloud to hear and download both this album and his previous and upcoming productions.

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