I could never be the man who I am without her at my side. Each moment of weakness or self-doubt can be instantly cured by her words and her touch. She pushes and I work harder if only to make her have a man that she can respect and be proud of. I work harder, attempt to learn more, and face challenges that I would have been afraid of before. Each day I want her to feel as elated to be with someone like me as I am to be with someone as free-spirited and strong as she is. I want to do everything in my power to let her know that I would do anything to never let her down. She is my cheerleader and I am playing in the game of my life.

I received an email from Donovan Rex who with his partner Max Friday have recorded two songs under the name of Cheerleader and posted them recently to their Bandcamp. The pair have crafted a sun drenched pair of pop gems that you would be insane to miss out on. Both are immediate and smart mixtures of addictive lyrics with a bouncing musical background. Layered vocals and a rich full sound bursts from the duo creating easy to grasp songs that are  ready for summer magic. I’m posting the second of the two Dreamer today which features some added vocals from Christa Tubach and urge you to head over to their Bandcamp as I am sure that like me you will be anxious to hear more from this pair as soon as possible.

Other Cheerleader info found here