As I attempt to think back on my life I am forced to wonder, is this the way it was? Each day I find myself forgetting the stories of my past and surprised at some of the strange things that just can’t seem to escape my mind. While my childhood is virtually forgotten there are certain moments that I will never be allowed to forget such as the time I managed to burn my leg badly after stealing a cigarette lighter and playing with fire. That stands out so clearly and yet I couldn’t tell you one simple fact about my first day of school or the first time that I managed to steady a bicycle on my own and I’m afraid to lose my as, is, and was.

Ray Levinson-Fort recently appeared on my radar through twitter and a lucky click that led me to his most recent single Mid Spring. Not one to rest on his laurels the full AS/IS/WAS EP under his moniker Selva Oscura has hit the airwaves both digitally through his Bandcamp and also as part of the amazing line-up that Chill Mega Chill has assembled on cassette. The EP is made up of six tracks digitally with a seventh bonus track on the cassette release and if you had interest in Mid Spring when I posted it here then you are sure to love the entire EP with its collage of sound and sample filled wonders. Here is a second streaming single As Always from the EP to wet your palate.

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