This is an ever-growing love. It builds inside of me calmly consuming my being until my thoughts can only be centered on her. I cannot resist her playful smile or the deep stare that I return just before our lips meet. I can’t stop feeling this want to have her next me or to feel her body wrapped up in my arms. I can never explain how I came to this place or how my heart was so unafraid to be given away. The only thing left for me is to make any attempts that I can to be a constant part of her life. This love was predetermined before I even had any knowing that she existed. This is more than just love. It is fate.

I already know what you might be thinking the moment you see that I am posting this. That this is an obvious attempt at cheap views as this isn’t something you can’t find on a million other blogs. But as I have had time to sit with Amor Fati as well as the two other recent singles (both Eyes Be Closed and You And I) and this is what I think is important about this single as compared to the others. It isn’t something that is just a hipster or an in the know sort of thing. The average listener can go into this without any prior knowledge of Glo-Fi, Chillwave, or any other hipster bullshit and just enjoy the fact that this single is a solid fun pop song on any level. Have a listen and then play it for someone who isn’t nearly as cool as  you and I believe you will see what I mean. You can also stream the entire album now through NPR and pre-order the CD or LP through Sub Pop which will also get you a free 7″ with Belong/Phone Call if you make it in time to be in the first 500.

Washed Out – Amor Fati

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