Each morning the older gentleman up the street wakes up before dawn. He will start coffee and get himself into the shower before starting the days chain of cigarettes. He will head into his garage to collect his rods and tackle box and pack them away into that old beat up truck that he has never been able to part with. After an hours drive he will be removing the lock from the gate on his family plot and will push his way through the snow to that frozen pond. As he turns on the oldies station as low as the volume will go he will remember when his father once took him to the ice wharf and those evening fires that burned while they enjoyed their catch.

The always solid folks from Work Drugs are back with both a brand new single as well as a fresh five track Bandcamp EP that has both it a new Rad Racer remix from Summer Heart and three live tracks recorded while on tour with Two Door Cinema Club and The Globes. As for the new single it begins with a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun synth swash that bursts into their relaxed smooth grooves. A hard snapping snare and bass line drives the track along behind their slightly hazy and always addictive vocal style. Have a listen here then head over to the Bandcamp for the rest of the (Smooth-P) and check out the nature filled video for the new track here via Youtube.

Work Drugs – Ice Wharf

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